“Copper has helped me to refine not only my teaching, but also my understanding of the yoga philosophy. He is well equipped with vast knowledge and tactics to keep you engaged and begging for more! His dynamic personality combined with his desire to watch his students grow fuels my ambition to lead and inspire others whilst I continue to perfect my practice. I recommend Copper for relatively new teachers who want to continue to deepen their understanding in yoga philosophy and history and who could use some inspiration in finding their confidence and voice.”
– Nina –


“An intensely rewarding teacher
training course. I didn’t want to blink or look away for a second in case I missed something important.”
– Stephen Joyce –


“I took my first teacher training with Copper Crow. I have since gone on to set up my own little yoga business and have taken many more trainings (you can never stop learning!), however it’s always to the extensive notes and handouts this thorough training gave me that I find myself returning again and again. This training was broad and challenging, focusing on all the limbs of yoga (not just asana) and years later I am still gaining from my investment, and to this day attend Coppers classes whenever I can.”
– Sarah Powell –


“I am very grateful to Copper for sharing generously his knowledge and resources and giving all our questions patient and deep answers.
We had daily opportunities to practice our teaching skills and were given loads of concrete feedback from the group as well as Copper so we all know where we have range for improvement!”
– Laurence Chehab-Fabry –


“It was an amazing, my first 200hr teacher training in yoga. Walking out of that program, I have become stronger, happier and more confident. The TT has provided me a tool box that I can pull out to use when needed in life.”
– Simone –


“I took both Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Training with Copper Crow, and loved it. It provided me with tools to improve my teaching skills and gave me confidence to be a better teacher to my students.”
– Louise Tham –


“I’ve taken Copper’s Hot Yoga & Vinyasa Training. It’s always very rewarding and I do receive a lot of knowledge and insights each time. The programs are holistic, focusing on the methodology, history and other aspects of Yoga. I never once thought I could meditate but Copper’s guidance has not only helped me get past it, but to guide others through.
Be prepared to practice. Not solely on asanas, but also on how to teach.”
– Edrea –


“Not every yoga teacher training out there actually teaches you to the actual art of teaching, but studying under Copper, this is one thing he really taught us how to do. He is an amazing teacher and communicator – every minute of training was just filled with information that I wanted to take in. Never a dull moment in class (to put this in context, I’m usually the first student to fall asleep in my other TTs, but not in this course)! My training with Copper has opened so many new doors for me as a yoga teacher.”
– Jacquie Wong –


“Having love and practice hot yoga for over 10 and the recent few years practicing with Teacher Copper, I see he is truly passionate about yoga and teaching. The training program was well-organized and syllabus concise and comprehensive, with in-depth discussions into the origins of yoga and evolution of hot yoga.
Teacher Copper is well versed with his vast knowledge, always ready to share. He is also very experienced in training. Lessons are engaging, fun and inspiring with spontaneous field trips and exposure to teaching life. I am grateful to Teacher Copper for leading and guiding me on my yoga journey.”
– Rachel Yeong –


“This was the second CET I have taken since completing 500 hours, yet the first training which covered teaching skills in terms of vocal delivery, body language, instructional vocabulary and styles. This was very useful and something I’m now working on and practicing. These skills together with the theoretical platform, sequencing template, and a wealth of resources made available, provided me with the awareness and inspiration to work on becoming a good teacher, armed with the knowledge of what I need to do to step up from being an average teacher.”
– Rachel Pochat Cottilloux –


“Hot Yoga Teacher Training course was extremely well put together. The breadth of topics covered was thoroughly taught. The course was very intensive and serious but fun at the same time. Copper is an excellent teacher. I was extremely happy with the course. In my opinion it was one of the best courses I could have chosen to become a yoga teacher. It prepared me to start teaching almost immediately after finishing the course. I highly recommend Copper Crow’s yoga teacher
training courses.
– Sari Lambeek –


“I completed hot yoga teacher training with Copper in September 2014 hoping to improve my personal practice and understand more about yoga. It was an amazing journey, learning all about the roots and traditions, taking my own practice to the next level, making true friends and having a lot of fun along the way! For anyone who wants to be a yoga teacher you could not hope for a better guide and mentor and it really was a life changing experience.”
– Regan Baille –


“My teacher training with Copper was one I will never forget. It was truly the best gift I could have ever given myself. My goal going into teacher training was simply to deepen my practice. Teacher training was much more than that, I learned about yoga, others, and myself. Copper created a safe environment where you could learn and share, and experience teaching others. After teacher training, I felt confident I was ready to teach and continue to grow as a person as well as a yoga teacher.”
– Kandi Handel –


“My experience of Teacher Training with Copper, is one for which I will be forever grateful. Copper teaches with humour, warmth, and a great deal of support for all of the students. He is very passionate and knowledgable, and his ability to share this with others is inspiring. I walked away from this course not only with the confidence to begin teaching, but with a spark brightly lit, to continue to learn, and delve deeper into the science of Yoga, with the hope to inspire others, the way Copper was able to inspire me.”
– Naomi Husain –


“Hot yogis are the crazy wild kids on the yoga block – it takes a master teacher to focus them. Copper is one of the best teachers I have had the joy to be in front of – have seen a few in my time – I am a former leadership educator and coach to global CXOs. Learning to master hot yoga is about dialogue repetition, voice and presence – this training skillfully combines all three and then reminds me that this yoga has a vibrant joyful heart.
– Lee Carsley –


“Amazing TT. A course that look beyond your ability to do the poses, finding your own path and finding your own voice as a teacher. Copper is an amazing teacher that makes you feel at ease during the 21 day intensive course!”
– Georgia –


“The training was a good first step in the journey of learning and teaching. It gave us insights into different aspects of yoga which allowed people to explore their own interests further down the road. Many of my fellow trainees have moved into different paths of yogic practice since then from this foundation. More importantly, I found great friends who understand and have been supportive in my journey since then.”
– Catherine Tan –


“The training for me was not really about becoming a teacher, but to discover a little bit more about myself and how to connect with the world in a more loving and humble way. It helped me in my inner path of getting closer to the Divine and being a better person every day as my yoga practice is in everything I do.”
– Johanna Corovez –


“Really enjoyed my experiential education with Copper Crow! Clear solid structure of TT, combined with deep knowledge of the subject and truly joyful attitude of the trainer! Would definitely recommend it to anyone from a yoga practitioner to a yoga teacher – you will walk out with clear answers to all your yoga questions, definitely longing for more!”
– Anya Adaykina –


“I met Copper over 6 years ago now at a Hot Classic class. It was my first time taking a hot yoga class and quite honestly, I was somewhat terrified. I remember what brought me back to his classes time and time again was his friendliness, approachability and his passion for yoga. He always made time after class to talk about other aspects of yoga that were unknown to me at the time and it wasn’t long before I signed up for his Hot TeacherTraining. Copper’s approach to his Teacher Trainings are different from some of the other teachers I have trained under. He not only covers the syllabus extensively to prepare you for teaching asana but lights this fire inside you so you want to learn more and explore more in what Yoga truly offers and as a practitioner of yoga, you find the experience becomes more sustainable and fulfilling.”
– Lynnette Smith –