our vision



Hot Yoga Asia has a simple mission: to provide the best training possible for yogis to learn and develop their skills as teachers.

To this end we offer top quality teacher training courses delivered by experienced senior yoga master teachers.

3 Teacher Trainings in 1

At HYA, we focus on 3 distinct training models: Hot Classic, Hot Hatha, and Hot Vinaysa flow.

Why? Because there is no one perfect practice for everybody and all successful teachers and successful studios offer variety.

Rather than trying to sell the best practice or produce cookie-cutter teachers who graduate and can only teach one class, our focus is different: we aim to create amazing teachers who can teach a variety of classes.

To achieve this goal, our course focuses on teaching teachers how to teach and how to sequence effective and engaging classes. Using this tried and tested technique, HYA graduates are prepared to teach Hot Classic, Hot Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, non-hot Hatha, and non-hot Vinyasa classes right after training.

It’s like 3 different yoga trainings in one! It works because the three practice styles support one another and build on each other. This intuitive, module-based learning system makes it easy to expand and grow your teaching abilities. Each class can be broken down and delivered in 60min, 75min, or 90min class formats. And all hot classes can also be taught in non-hot environment

Our approach allows our teachers to meet the needs of a diverse student base, to give themselves and their students a path to grow and develop their practice, and to give our teachers an edge up in the red-hot but increasingly competitive yoga job market.