Ignite Your Passion for Yoga Transform Your Life Be A Teacher


Hot yoga has exploded in recent years and the flames of popularity are burning ever brighter. This is great news for Hot Yoga teachers. Hot Yoga Asia is a yoga school rather than just a studio. We offer an immersive, boutique style teacher training experience with like-minded souls in the most beautiful, spiritually uplifting places in Asia. Our course is unique. Nowhere else will you find such a modular approach to Hot Yoga teacher training: we build on the classic foundational sequence by weaving in hot (and non hot) Hatha and Vinyasa flow styles to provide students with a holistic yoga education that will give them the edge in the industry. And nowhere else will you find teachers with more than 10 years’ experience of leading Yoga teacher training courses plus corporate and professional development training.

Learning modern techniques to teach the ancient practice of Yoga will allow you to go back to the world loaded with the tools, skills and confidence to be a top Hot Yoga teacher.


  • Deconstruct each pose to ensure proper alignment and maximize the physical benefits of Hot Yoga
  • Make adjustments, become aware of common mistakes and understand contraindications to reduce the risk of injury
  • Discover the philosophy of Yoga and the hidden science behind the fixed Hot Yoga sequence
  • Reshape the fixed sequence so you can fire up your students’ interest in Hot (and non-hot) Hatha and Vinyasa flow variations
  • Create and deliver powerful classes using physical instruction, voice, body language and other communication methods
  • Face-to-face personal coaching on how to instruct Hot Yoga classes
  • The business of Yoga – how to make it as a yoga teacher
  • Teach! Teach! Teach! Get a ton of teaching practice in a supportive environment
  • Study in paradise. No distractions, no interference – everything provided so all you have to do is practice, study, and soak it all up.
RYS 200